Friday, March 30, 2018

April....come she will's almost April!
Spring has sprung!
Here is my gift freebie for you...a calender for you.... featuring the current month. 
Just download and set as a wallpaper.
Here is the April 2018 desktop calendar...the solid pink left side makes it easy for you to see your icons!
I think this works better rather than having the designs compete with the icons.

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I painted this week....on a spring folk art style painting.
I took this picture on my  It makes for a great backdrop.
It is a large 16 x 20.
Just toshare a littel bit about the process...
I first glue down lots of old papers and some house shapes.
I like to paint the sky....and wipe away some paint so you can still see some of the papers underneath. 
Its all about layering. 
Now I have sky skies with clouds.....a tree is appearing. 
I decided to have a front area with flowers.

Still some of the papers are showing underneath.

I forgot to take some pics of some of the process...I guess I was really getting into it.
The house are behind the tree and flowers area.

Things are really taking shape....but not defined enough for me. 
Finally I have added inks, stabilo pencil, pastels, colored pencils and more.
I even added a sunrise in the sky.

I really love gives me a break from all of my other tasks.
It already is taken.
It is only $3.99 this week, until next friday!
This pin keep is extra cute, made to look like a vintage mannequin dress form and it keeps all your pins, thimble, thread, and scissors. The apron is an old hanky. This is a very easy pattern and comes with measuring tape belt, just copy and use it over & over. It could also hold your jewelry, wearable pins and rings for your bedroom. Measures:13 1/4" x 5" including stand. 
On this one I added a pink tulle skirt, some pearls for a necklace, a brooch of Marie Antoinette, and a pin that says "Imagine".
The above steampunk version was really fun to make..using tim holtz fabric,
rusty wire for wings, an old belt buckle for the waist and gears and wool heart.

This one is on my office... I added a tea stained cheesecloth skirt ( just a gathered rectangle) and some vintage streamer flowers, sash....etc.
These are really fun to play with and decorate!
Hello weekend and

Come to the home matters party!

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