Friday, March 9, 2018

Hokey... yet vintage St. Pattys day crafting

I love good old fashioned crafty stuff....
when people made things that were a different time and era.
Like who makes place cards anymore....sound fun, but whenever my family tried it...we all switched places anyway.

Nut baskets or containers usually hold about 9
No wonder everyone was smaller back only got a few nuts and that was it!

Cute...but another craft that might take too much time!
I think I am getting lazier!

Ok...everyone like a crown...this is the one I would most likely make!
You could be QUEEN OF THE GREEN!
My sale pattern of the week is....
It's only $2.99...this week only!

This is a sweet pattern, 2 chicks on easter day. Stitchery Design size is 6"x 6". It can be made into a pillow or frames up.
I have my baby cat Froy...he is a stinker!
I recently drew him in adobe illustrator...and put one of my pattern designs on him!
This design matches his fur the best.
and this one is a wilder design ....which fits his personality.
I love him so much!
But I love all my three cats...they each have a different personality and good points!
On last Sunday I made a funny little bunny doll....with chenille stem legs, arms and ears.
The egg she is holding is needle felted wool.
Some times you need a break from the usual stuff your working on.

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Remember to Relax today and have a wonderful weekend!

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