Friday, December 15, 2017

Christmas calories do not count freebie

This is true...right!
I am hoping so anyway.
I have been eating so many yummies...that it will be a very good thing to get back to better eating soon after christmas.
Those chocolate kisses, candy canes and fudge really get me!
I can't resist cheese and cracker platters either.
This would make a fun stitchery framed for the kitchen.
I having been making surface pattern this crow and flowers much fun to do.  I tried adding more texture to the it won't look so flat.
I realy enjoy working on is really like playing.
I hope to get a few collections done before Spring quilt market.
I have been whipping up a gingerbread ornament for a gift exchange...using my old pin pattern.
I am using the gingerbread and adding some hollys.
So far, so good. 
I need to finish this up soon!
Trix says she approves of the roses I got for our 21st wedding anniversary!
Here is my wonderful the cabin being a silly boy!
I love him so very much...we had a wonderful anniversary.
I finally took some new photos of my christmas ornaments...and fixed the covers of my much better.
over the years I have learned alot...including better photography!

Seems like there is so much to do this time of year!
Gotta get more things done.
Have  a wonderful weekend!

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