Friday, December 1, 2017

Celebrate the season of giving....freebie

I just bought some more bird seed for my bird feeder....I love to see them eat and twitter.
This really is the season of giving.
This freebie design reflects that.
Copy and save.
Wouldn't this make a great tea towel.
Do you love to color?
I designed a Coloring calendar for 2018!
12 months come on 3 different pages...just download instantly, print on white cardstock or regular paper....and cut out.
Every month has a sweet design that fits the theme of the month.
They are so cute colored up....
Each month measures: 3 15/16" x 5".
I put February on this small clipboard!
Plus makes a great stocking stuffer (just print and cut out...tie them together with a box of easy and inexpensive). 
I am going to have mine near my computer in my office....all colored up vibrantly.

This is Great for anyone who loves to color! They look great hanging on small clips or on a clipboard. The kids could color these and give them to their grandparents too.

There are 3 sheets with four on each one.
These are September thru December.

And on another could use the drawings for embroidery (no embroidery instructions are given however).
I also created coloring gift tags....
 8 tags come on one page...just download instantly, print on white cardstock or regular paper....and cut out.
They are really fun to color!

Each tag measures: 2 1/2" x 3 11/16". Every tag has a sweet design ... a little girl, Santa, Merry Christmas stars, snowman, Christmas tree, bunny, cabin and candy canes in a bucket.

This is how the page looks when printed.
These make the cutest gift tags!
I love this bunny.
Colors can match your wrap's up to you! 
These are perfect for the kids to color on winter break.
My big sale of the year is almost ends on Dec 4th!

There are great embroidery patterns....

All the Holidays these Valentines....

little quilts....

tiny embroidery for pendants....

Sweet girls .....

wool projects and much much more!

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