Friday, December 29, 2017

This is the life freebie

This is the life!
Nothing like a playful pup...a new toy and all that energy.
This would make a sweet stitched up gift for a friend with a new puppy!
Just copy and save.  
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas....I sure did!
I have been work...all fun and play!
I am making a little valentine raggedy ann doll with pink hair...just playing round and seeing what I shall adorn her with.
I have been playing around with valentine surface pattern designs...this is one of them....kitty cats with hearts.
I made some catnip mice for my cats...these are so simple to literally took about 15 minutes.
Here is lucky...having fun with his sister calls him a 28 pound monster...he was offended.
This is my best nine pictures of 2017...looks like my favorite thing is stitching!
This has been a fun year for projects.
Happy New Year!
Looking forward to the year 2018!

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