Friday, June 9, 2017

Things are looking up freebie & Farm Chicks show

Wednesday....was a hard day for me.  It just seemed like everything was going wrong or getting messed up.
There was little problems and big problems.....stressing me out.
Some thing I just had to let go and forget....but other things need problem solving and hard work.
now that a couple days have passed ...
Things are looking up!
Copy and save this little gem above if you like.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Sale is over, sorry~
This pattern comes with 4 projects....but can really be made up 100 different ways.
Instructions come with pattern pieces, diagrams, and a photo page...full of 24 photos from my collection.
If you Change colors and banners.....these pins and necklaces could be made for any season, holiday, or for an everyday look. ex: I made the heart shaped necklace in pink wool with a banner that says "create" and other turned out so sweet!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Here are some of my Farm Chick show pictures...
Cool stuff I saw and also some of the goodies I bought...

This put together piece was huge and so cool! daughter collects vintage cameras....and these are awesome. 
This display was at the front of the Farm Chicks show as you walked in. 
Drawer full of shiny a treasure.
The ideas at this show are overwhelming. 
Ok....for some reason the creepy things attract me....there were lots of animals....
and look at that small pitcher full of doll 
She is sweet...reminds me of Marie Antoinette. 
Baby arms with
So funny! 
This one is sad.... 
This birdhouse was huge and super would need several dudes to carry this away for you. 
I love this chandelier....a wire basket with tons of punch cups dangling from it...
very inventive. 
Country wedding
I love how brides can just change things up now...I felt stuck in the traditional stuff...
Things is cool! 
The squirrels in my backyard would be so mad at this!

Nice flowers. 
What an old pony!
So many cool statement pieces. 
More strange and unusual items...

There was sooooo much more....but it is SUPER CROWDED there and
you can only take pics occasionally ...because your eyes are going crazy and people are always in the way!
Here are some things I got: 
Antique quilt blocks...cute fabric! 
Retro fun!
I needed this mug! 
Farm chicks! 
Look at this cool orange twine.... 
In a sugar see these all the time at thrift stores.
A French newspaper....about the theater. 
June 1937
This is an ad in it....not sure of what she is selling.
Vintage tins! 
I love old flags! 
Cute bank 
Bags of trims....50 cents each! 
So cute...Sleeping beauty book. 
I love scrappy bags of goodies. 
This small box is going in my Tudor collection. 
I love photos...these are dorky and fun. 
Patriotic stickers and silhouttes. 
I always get something from Beth Quinn....I picked this bracelet and my hubby picked out a necklace for our daughter....."She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes". 
In a huge pile of patches...I found my name!
I think I will make a badge with this in the center. 
I also found snoopy and it's in purple! 
I got some cool retro them. 
It was very fun going with my hubby....he enjoyed himself and I had a blast.

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  1. The vintage ad with the woman holding the forked stick thing reminded me of someone who dowses for water by walking over an area with a forked stick and when it dips down, there's water below, underground. I used a French translation site and it appears the woman was advertising the power to heal by dowsing, "whatever your case" (quel que soit votre cas). So she appears to think she can heal diseases by dowsing?? Very strange!

  2. Thanks Nancy....very interesting! It cracks me up all the things people tried back in the day to cure common problems.