Friday, June 16, 2017

Independence day Eagle freebie

Feeling Bicentennial?
This is an old design from 1976.
I remember when everyone was talking about it and celebrating.
I was a kid ....thinking whatever, let's have fun!
My mom bought some plates commemorating it and it was all over the TV. 
It seemed like everyone was excited about it.

Copy and save this if you like.

This is a very fun embroidery project.
HAlloween and fall will be here before you know it.

I thought you would like to see a few things around my house...
I have a pan full of with a crow.
my flag quilt makes a good table mat.
I decided to put my painted doll in my skinny hutch...along with some flowers.
I have had these blocks for years....and I love them.
I got this super cool Uncle Sam at a thrift store...perfect for my patriotic decor.
I have a huge collection of nutcrackers for Christmas...myabe I should collect for the other holidays.
This is my grandpa Chester....he served in world war 1.
He met his brother in France...both survived.
He was born in long ago! He died before I was born mom loved him so much!
Flag city!
I love all the red, white and blue.
My new Betsy ross spoon
The stitchery above is from Bareroots.
Humpty Dumpty is hiding in the corner.
I had to throw in Raggedy Ann.
She is sweet and her outfit is totally patriotic.
Have a wonderful weekend....relax, have fun and live it up!!

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  1. Gosh Shirley, how I wish we were neighbors. Anytime I felt like I needed a pick me up I would stroll over to your house and knock on the door. Your place always looks festive and HAPPY! Thanks for the post and have a great weekend. Whoops....almost forgot.......what kind of cloth did you do your Halloween Goblins on. I think I'll order it and make it for a friend that eats, sleeps and dreams Halloween!

  2. Thanks Betty! I  think we would make great next door Neighbors!  The fabric I used in the Halloween was tea dyed muslin available at most quilt's one step we don't have to do, dying fabric