Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Blue bird of happiness...

Some where over the rainbow...where blue birds fly...there is happiness!~~
This was super fun to make!
This is done mainly with a backstitch...and 3 strands of floss.
Lighten your spirit with this sweet hand embroidery quilt design.
This is a perfect way to decorate your home, add sweet charm to a nursery or make it into a gift for a friend who needs some cheer!
Make the design into the small quilt as shown or a pillow! It is very fast and easy to stitch up!

This picture really shows the quilting I did....I quilted on the muslin area, but not over the embroidery.

Here I added my nest basket that matched perfectly....I couldn't resist.
Now the lil quilt is in my dining room.

These are my violets outside my kitchen....so sweet and very much like a pansy.
I love the orange purple combo! (Walmart!)
I made a new coloring page....Get your happy on!
I love pansies....they are so delicate, small and HAPPY!
We had a cat named Pansy when I was little...my mom said her little face was just like a pansy.
It has always been my favorite flower...so I really wanted to create some surface pattern designs with them and  make this coloring page. 
This is Great for anyone who loves to color! It could also be great stitched up...an embroidery project. There are no instructions however...just the page shown above. My signature will be at the bottom of the page. It prints on regular paper, 8 1/2" x 11".
Have a very Happy Tuesday!!!

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  1. This is so lovely, I really like the way you incorporated into the quilt, the balance of fabrics and sizes around it is just perfect.