Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fun stuff in my studio

In a few days I am participating in Where bloggers create.  So I wanted to take a few pics of interesting things in my studio.  The above painting is one I did on old music paper.....with my needle-felted eggs.

Here is my baby head that cost my 15 cents....I will probably never do anything with it.  Next to it is a beautiful star made from "Ma, Pa, and Me".  I just love the baby pic in the old bottlecap.

When I bought all these diamond gems from the craft daughter was in heaven.  In the center is my wrapped fabric rose ring.

I like to take those wedding pedals at the dollar store and figure out what to do with them....Marie antoinette is surrounded by them.

My "Love" heart.

I love Raggedy...this one I got froma lovely lady... Shelia Frederick....she makes some awesome dolls and other goodies.

Here is alot of hanging items near my computer desk.  The love is free motion to do.  Below that is a sweet Fairy Mermaid made by Sue Burger....Futile fairy. 

I have stuff everywhere....don't call the show "Hoarders" on me.

Raggedy again....she keeps getting in the photos.

I loved play money as a I had to purchase these from the  The Hillyard Antique stores in Spokane.

I love a huge jar of sewing this in the tri-cities.

This is my fav saying in my studio.  Half the battle for any project is just starting it. 
Catch the studio blog party on Friday!  I love to see other artists play areas!

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  1. The family called and said they are going to do an intervention. They have called Hoarders and they may show up on saturday. LOL