Friday, July 8, 2011

Freebie stitchery design- Gone with the wind

Yes, It is Friday freebie....where has the time gone?  I love this saying from Gone with the wind.  That Scarlet got it right....she was one strong woman (slightly naughty too).  I always get in a heated discussion in my family about the movie.....I say Ashley was the best man.  My daughter and other family members greatly disagree and say Rhett was awesome.  I say Ashely was tender, loving, honorable, and cute.  And after all Scarlet thought he was great for most of the  Would you like to be left on the road to Tara...while Rhett tries a last ditch effort to help his brothers?  or relief his conscience?  Oh family has said the other side as well. 
Stitch away!

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  1. Love the stitchery and the movie! Scarlet was a woman after my own heart. As to the leading men? Ashley was the perfect husband; loving, steadfast and true while Rhett was the perfect cad; dashing, handsome and daring. To each their own I say! Thanks again Shirley, Deb