Sunday, May 1, 2022

It's May day!

It's already the fifth month of the year!
Time is flying!
Before you know it...summer will be here. I like the weather of spring though...mild but not freezing anymore.  It's a great time to plan out summer ideas and work on projects.  I love working on the garden and flower pots. Plus my daughter is getting married in September, so there is a lot to plan and figure out.
Above is the phone or tablet calendar wallpaper for MAY.  Click here to download it.

The theme for may is Nurture. Time to nurture the garden, and of course your family and yourself.

Enjoy the outdoors...and relax!
Strawberries and Bees....
This collage sheet of my art is a fun printable to use to make all kinds of crafty goodies.
It is brand new!
You can make all kinds of fun projects with it!
I have a fun mini tutorial video on Instagram..check it out!

I painted the art work...watercolor...they are my own design. You could make tags, stickers, add as embellishments to scrapbooking, journals pages, add to crafts, frame, and much more!

Just print when you need them...over and over. You can print on white cardstock, matte photo paper, sticker paper or glossy presentation paper.

I made ornaments for my tree...I have a narrow white tree up all year round....for all the holidays and right now I have a spring/summer theme.


The words you get are: Tulip, rose, lilac, lily, pansy, petunia, daisy, orchid, zinnia, violet, cosmos, buttercup, daffodil, dahlia, heather, hyacinth, iris, jasmine,peony, primrose, aster, crocus, delphinium, geranium, honeysuckle, lavender, marigold, phlox, sweet pea, wisteria, yarrow and snapdragon. Each one comes with a number.
They measure: 2 7/16" x 1".

You can use them over and over... just print on CREAM colored cardstock (1 sheet is all that is needed for one set) when you need them, AND CUT OUT, this is a digital offering.

I made quite a few patriotic finished items and put them on etsy.
They are my chenille stem dolls....some are on hats....

This is my wrecking ball style ornament...with my flash cards.

Smaller kitty cat....with a USA sign


32 words to celebrate all the upcoming patriotic holidays like memorial day, flag day, armed forces day, 4th of July and veteran's day!

Print on cream colored paper and cut out.  
I made my signs for my chenille stem dolls with these.

I made a variety of art this month.
This large watercolor painting is nothing but doodle!
I drew whatever I liked ... all reminds me of doodles on a "pee chee"folder in school.

For this one I was thinking about under the sea and summertime. 
It is not my usual but It sure was fun.

These are mickey type mice...friendship!
I love how the hearts are green.

This one is "May"...
hoping that you have an amazing month!
Until next time!

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