Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My weekend away goodies

Well I went to the Tri-cities this past weekend for an arts and crafts show in the park by the Columbia river....it was 108 degrees!!!
We practically melted.
The craft show was disappointing to me....nothing new and my favorite booths were gone!!!
I love to support other artists, but I just wasn't feeling it.
The next day was an antique show in another park...and that was fun!
I got this cute little pink chair! 
Old pink pillow cases...which have the cutest design...and was only 4 bucks. 
I got this book...I read all the historical fiction stuff from Philippa Gregory....they are very good and I get caught up into each one. 
Coloring book...one dollar! 
Cute drawings. 
Oh...here is one set of things I got at the craft show...this lady and husband make notebooks out of old VHS tape covers and from game cards.

I love the game of clue!  We play it alot. 
These book marks were made from the sides of the VSH tapes....very clever!

I got the Fawlty towers and Oklahoma notebooks.   
This picture of cowboys crack me up....they are super happy and missing some serious teeth.
Thank goodness for dentistry now!
The frame has a curved glass front.
Wrapping paper....
Cool dorky girls...love this stuff. 
reminds me of being a kid! 
I want to read this...cause I love the movie sooo much. 
This cool blue towel rack will make a great quilt show display. 
Small pink bird cage...in pink!
I may put some goofy stuffed animal in it....I know that's weird. 
a little lady torso and a corn cob pipe.....for my snowman doll. 
I love peanuts...and this juice glass is really cute!

I still have a record player so I picked up two unusual records.
Smokey and the bandit....every kid watched this show and we all loved the bandit!

Midnight cowboy....weird and strange movie which I like....and I loved the main music.

Fabric scraps...these are all halloween. 
And more bundles...I am addicted to these little guys.

At last lucky said I was taking way too many pictures ....so he butted right in!
Have a great rest of the day!

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  1. We collect all the same STUFF! I put herb plants in all my bird cages...even the pink ones.