Friday, August 14, 2015

You are the icing on my cupcake freebie

This is a "sweet" saying! 
I think this would look great stitched up ...
and given as a gift!
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Lately....summer has taken over everything!
I swear there are so many things to get done...I can't keep up.

It should be the Lazy crazy days of summer!

I just scheduled senior pics for my daughter, getting a will to protect my daughter, new carpet, and many other tasks that needed to be taken care of.
Little things consume my time too...
I moved my German clock to my office and this is where it truly belongs... 
It finally has the right place in my house. 
I found these cute stackable containers at hallmark.
I was a big Miss Piggy fan when I was a kid.
I love the romance they had. 
I recently found this gem at an antique store for 6 dollars!
I had this Barbie as a was my favorite!!!
She is missing the cape and flowers....but she is pretty darned cute. 
I spent countless hours playing with barbies....I was not a baby doll fan.
This doll is from the 70's....when Miss America was very popular. 
This is a funny shelf in my office...full of silliness.
Grumpy cat, planet of the apes, VW buses and a pretty pony unicorn.

I also found this animal rummy game for 2 dollars. 
My daughter was shocked seeing this one...she thought it was rude....I told her "Gay" used to mean happy.
The cards are really cute. 
I love them 
Such sweetness 
I used to be called Squirrelly instead of I have lots of squirrel knick knacks.

Soon I will be able to share what goodies I am working on....there is just never enough time!

Hello Weekend!!!

Come to the party bunch!  Come to the pin  me linky party!

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  1. Thanks for the freebie and I love all the nostalgia..............liike a blast from the past!