Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fabric, books and fire...

I am rambling on today about random stuff!
I went to Jo Ann's the other day...and found a cool pack of Halloween fabric....which I used my 40% off coupon... 
This is my favorite...a witch silhouette.
This might  be perfect for one of my large mannequins (my pattern design that takes only a fat quarter).

Cute....reminds me of grade school days.
This is a design I never made into a pattern but still could.
I love small quilts with the 12 month theme. 
I got this great book by Lori Holt...it is fabulous!!!
The book is packed with great blocks and designs!
There are pumpkins, cherries, strawberries, farm blocks, barns....etc... 
Plus tons of ways to use these designs. 
My first block is this cute pumpkin!
I highly recommend this book.  Check out her blog. 
I got a fun magazine/book from Barnes and noble...from flow...a European company that makes a very cool magazine. 
Working on ghostly eyes. 
I live in Washington State....where there are just tons of fires.
We have had such bad smoke!
But it makes for an awesome sight....the sun setting in the smoky redness.
I just ran outside to take these pics! 
I love how it is hiding for its last glimpse.
and then ...it is gone!
The smoke has be horrible and fire fighters have died...I wish it would just rain.
We have had no rain in a very long time.

Here is hoping things change!

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  1. Love the stuffs you got. Its time to go JoAnn :) Look at the sunset...Wow!!! Lovely pictures !! Lets hope for the best and pray god for some showers ! Thank you for linking with us at #HomeMattersParty.We would love to see you aging next week.