Monday, August 17, 2015

Feeling spooky?

I have been drawing alot lately...outside when it is cool enough.
I jut enjoy playing some light classical music and drawing whatever come to my mind.
I love drawing sweet witches.
I thought it would be funny to draw a large pumpkin behind this witch. 
This one is cooking up a few things....the cat is hiding behind her skirt in case she gets any ideas.
Dig her
Halloween pattern sales have really gone crazy lately...I guess everyone is getting in the mood for fall.
My witch hat is is large and makes a great statement piece. 
The mouse on a cute...just put a dollar store fake tea light/candle in the pumpkin.

This is my new clip art.  Hello Autumn.  I love this set...background are transparent. 
Witchy sign...I have been flipping my witch switch a few times lately....I just need a little time to work in peace! 
Witch tags...made from my own is a digital download....print as many as you like. 
Agatha Willow...a witch who lives deep in the forest.
This pattern has a don't have to make her body....more details in her description on etsy. 
I put this one on my fake crow.  These are sooo inexpensive to make...just paper. 
I have to tell you....people ask me to make these (party badges) all the time...I just don't have any extra time to make them...if you one buy this pattern...let me know if you want to sell them made up and when ever anyone asks me about them ...I can't refer them to you!  Just email me: 
Grinning pumpkin...his stand is just a candlestick holder...which are in the thrift stores by the hundreds.  The hat is the coolest party hat! 
My ghost...very popular.  Cheesecloth and muslin are the secret ingredients!

Skulls and bats...I love this makes me happy just looking at this!
Witch ornies...the witch faces come with the pattern...this is super easy and fun...dresses are just a scrap of fabric.
I do have some new designs coming up soon....time is flying by...summer really cuts into my creative time.

Come to home matters and what to do weekend!  Come the Party bunch!

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