Tuesday, January 21, 2014

When Irish eyes are smiling...

Seems like time is flying by again....just decorated for Valentines day....
but I wanted to show you all my St. Patricks' day items..
before you know it...it will be here.
These are all available in my etsy shop....patterns and digital artwork...
instant download...so fast.
This year Easter is late (April 20th)...so there is plenty of time to have St. Patrick's day decor up.
I am Irish, English, Mainly Scottish, and a lil drop of Cherokee.
My father had Vikings disease (tendons in hand pull up)...so it may be from the vikings invading Scotland so long ago.  Hope I don't get it.  He had a very simple surgery to take care of it.
Then again....I wonder how much is story telling...lol.

Oh well....we can celebrate just being alive...with all our ancestors doing all the really hard work to make our lives so wonderful today!
I am thankful for that!
One changes from day to day
...every few years one becomes a new being.
George Sand

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