Monday, January 6, 2014

Beautiful Monday

It's a beautiful Monday!
Even though it is cold....and winter will be here for a long while yet....
There is beauty out there.
I love to see the natural beauty....from the sky, to snowflakes, to the frosty trees, and the stars shining bright at night.
I hope where you live it is not too cold....I know the Arctic air is hitting alot of north America.
I finally can get back to work and get some things done!
My daughter is a dream, but she is also a handful....because she has a million things going on at daughter never gets bored. One minute she is playing x box with her Friends, the next she is making bags from old album covers and duck tape.  Then she will be redecorating her bedroom and her living space.   Then she wants to go on a walk, then shopping, then making a cake (which she never eats because she doesn't really like sweets), then she is showing me you tube goes on and on. 
I love her!
I have lots of ideas I better get cracking!

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