Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Old gift tags & Santa

I love collecting old paper products....I am quite the hoarder on this.  I try to keep it organized...sometimes it is hard to do.  I wanted to share a few Christmas gift tags.  These were the kind that my parents used for our gifts so just looking at them makes me smile. 
My favorite gift as a child was the Barbie Townhouse..it had an elevator and 3 stories....my poor dad had to put it all together.  I had Super Star Barbie and quick curl Barbie.  One year I got two ken dolls(Mod ken with sticker beards, mustaches, and sideburns)....so I could have a good guy and a bad guy....they fought over Barbie of course.
Cute Santa isn't it!  I love his boots!
I saw some pretty scared kids sitting on Santa's lap last week....sometimes Santa seems like a scary clown...ha ha.
Yesterday was not a good day...we had terrible winds and some of our roof shingles flew off(each one peeled off more)...I had to get some out of tall trees.  My husband spent a long time on the slick roof putting them back.  It was not fun, but it is all taken care of now.

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