Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas gift tags - Freebie Friday

It's freebie Friday...and here are my Christmas gift tags.  These are fun to print and use on gifts..too easy.
I had so much Christmas wrap in the past...I didn't buy any for over two years.....but I finally had to get a little more at walmart.  Men don't realize all the thing you have to get to make Christmas right.  My hubby thinks I twitch my nose and it is
Speaking of my is our 16th Wedding Anniversary!
He already got me flowers and a HUGE box of See's candy...and we will be going out to my fav restaurant.  I never want to exchange big gifts for our anniversary...since December is an expensive month. 
I have never gone for expensive jewelry is just not me.  I do like gifts in  One year I got the Cricut....which was so cool.  My best gift I ever got ...was my daughter.

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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! Flowers and See's candy and dinner out - lucky girl. Enjoy.

  2. Happy anniversary Shirley! Have a wonderful evening with your hubby and thank you so much for the adorable tags.