Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer ROCKS!!!

Here is a project for you and your family.....take all those rocks you collect know...when you are at the river/lake/walks.....and turn them into pretty gifts.  We all do it don't we.  I must say Jenny Doh inspired me to make these...she is so creative.

Clean your rocks with a hose and let dry.  Add a layer of gesso/white paint to top of rocks only. 

I type in words and sayings on a word program...with different fonts.  Print out on cream colored cardstock.

Mod Podge the words and sayings on the rocks and let dry.

Get out your permanent markers and do squiggles, lines, and doodles. 

Spray rocks lightly at first with clear gloss spray paint.  Then add another coat, let dry, turn over and spray backs. 

They are cute and shiny now!

I love these lil about economical!!!!  These inspire and make you smile!

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