Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Quotes from my cat

I'm going to think positive today.....
But I don't think
I can do it!
This is a quote from my cat "Lucky".  He is really photogenic...I swear he is posing for the camera at all times.  My other 2 cats are really difficult to take a picture of....everytime I try they turn their face away.  Not Lucky.....he lives for this stuff.  He also lives for naps and food.  Lucky is the kind of cat that is always lovable, wants attention, and gets scared if you sneeze.  What are your animals like?  Are they like little people in fur coats? 
My daughter's beta fish died, so she buried him in our yard next to the other beta fish "Rose" and my beloved cat "Sally". 


  1. I have two dogs at this time. They are very different. Izzy the black one is a lover, scraed to be yelled at, licks everyone, loves Dingo and loves her mother to death. My Bear, loves his mom alot, looks like a cop, does not like a dog that jumps on him due to he is the big boy. He has been around through a lot for me. He is a big bORDER COLLIE.

    Was lucky to have a verrett which as white color and he did steal things from us. To make it a game I would old socks up and he woul go and hind them. Good thing we knew his colloction. I would never be able to not have some type of animal. I even had had 5 conures.

    Go Animals.

  2. I talk to my cat all the time and he always answers! He loves to run and then slide across the kitchen and dining room floors....I should have named him Tom Cruise! He also likes to bite ya on the leg and run! I call it a bit and run!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen