Monday, August 29, 2011

Dark Shadows...can't wait

I loved the old Dark shadows!  It was so much fun....creepy , yet romantic.  I was too young when it aired originally..I had to see it when it was a rerun.  I loved Barnibus of course but I also loved his awful servant Willie.  I also thought Maggie Evans was the most beautiful woman in the world (I wanted to be her, but I was a strawberry  We had a dark shadows game when we were kids....we played with it so much that it fell apart.  I got a replacement for it on ebay a few years ago and now my daughter, husband, and I play it.  It is sort of like candy land, but scary.

I can't wait for Johnny Depp to play Barnibus.  I know he will be different than the original, Jonathan Frid, but I wouldn't want it to be the same.  They are both so great.
Some things are worth the wait!


  1. Oh my gosh! I can't believe they are making a Dark Shadows movie!!!!
    I used to sneak over to my best friends house to watch it because my mom wouldn't let me. She thought it would give me bad dreams! My friend wasn't allowed to watch it either, and when we got caught we were in some hot water!

  2. OH, I loved Dark Shadows, too. It came on just as we were getting home from school. Barnibus was my favorite character.

  3. I remember hurrying home from school to watch it too! I guess we were "Twilighters" before it was cool :)

  4. Had no idea this was coming out and yes he will be great for the roll. Love both of them.