Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jack Frost go home!!!

It is soooooo cold here in Eastern Washington!!!  It has been in the single frigid!  You just don't want to be out for very long.  This is Froy my kitty...he he has a nice fur coat.  Don't ask me why his tongue is out.....with him, ya never know.
Here are the trees just loaded with ice and snow....pretty but the trees are hating it!

CRACK!  That is what is happening here....lots of damage. So far nothing major here.

Here is Miss Selina....she just got done putting Trix (kitty huntress) in the sled and making her take a tour of the she has her soccer ball...which she threw at trees to get the extra snow off.

It is very beautiful, but I still wish it to melt and give the trees a our heating bill...ha ha. 
School is back tomorrow, so I can really get to work on lots of ideas....but I must hem some jeans now....funnsville!

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