Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Valentine decor!

If you need to have some new valentine decor..I have quite a few Valentine patterns....all different and not hard at all!  I like easy! I love cross-stitch... with fond love is fun and looks so vintage.

I made pretty tags....u print.....with my old photos and fun sayings.

Sweets for the sweet!  I love sweet annie and making things look like you found them in grandma's attic!

I also love bright retro colors!!!  These are great to use up your scraps and are EASY!

One of my many loves....Annie!  She brings back so many memories ....I played with my raggedy's my mom made until their arms fell off.

Mixing old photos and hearts....are fun!!  This pattern comes with all the pics!

Here is a close up of Romeo and juliet!

This is one of my favs!  All these patterns and collage sheets ....and I have many more....are available on my patternmart, etsy, website, and instant printables!  I just decorated for valentines day....need to take some pics and show you!  Right now it is snowing a ton, so I probably better start shoveling!

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