Friday, April 30, 2010

Bloomsday weekend and Quilts!

This weekend is bloomsday here in Spokane Washington.  This is a huge race...over 50,000 people will run or walk it and it is 7.46 miles (12 kilometers)! We love doing it.  This is the starting flag and it was shown at our quilt show meeting (washington state quilters) yesterday.  It is so pretty!
This comes from a raffle quilt at the quilt meeting....soooo lovely....I love embroidery!
Who doesn't like butterflies?
What sweet roses!  It is so romantic.  I need to finish my own pink romantic quilt...just needs the borders on and quilted....I have a grace frame so I can machine quilt my quilts.... what a wonderful tool that has been and much cheaper than a longarm.  When I design all the time, it is sometimes hard to get my own personal items daughter is wanting a dress hemmed so I better get to it before she outgrows it!

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