Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Proud to be American freebie

This is a pattern freebie for you!  This is my own design....just click the image and save.  It is a jpg file so you should be able to reduce it to the size you like.  I make these in 4" x 4" stitcheries.  Let me give you some of my tips for stitcheries.  I use a square of muslin that is several inches bigger than the design on all sides.  I cut out the same size piece of fusible webbing.  Iron the webbing on the back side of muslin.  I have a light box, but you can also use a window in the day time.  I transfer all the design onto the muslin with a blue disappearing marker (love this item).  I even transfer the square around the design.  I back-stitch all the design using my choice of colors....when white is appropriate I usually change it to lt. gray so you can see it on the muslin.  The dots on the design are french-knots.  After stitching, I cut out 1/4" away from outer square shape...all the way around. I then rinse off the blue markings and let dry.  Now it is ready for fabric border to be sewed on.....make it into a pillow, framed, or whatever you like.