Monday, May 3, 2010

Sweet crafty projects

This is a collage piece I created....scanned into the computer to be resized and then I put it into a dollar store paper weight.  This gal comes from a great photo in my old photo collection, I have use her many times!
I love this statement! I made this collage from a piece of cutter quilt (the only descent part left of an old quilt).  I stitched onto a paper backing and added all the ephemera.  I love to age paper with brown ink and an old toothbrush....just rub toothbrush on ink pad and then rub toothbrush on edge of papers.
This is a great pin cushion made from on old jello mold and piece of cutter quilt.  The tag is just the letters "pins" glued onto it. Try making letters from different fonts on your computer, then print them out on a page.
I had to show my patriotic raggedy design ...she comes from my Quilt stitchery pattern.  These stitcheries are so easy to make up....I always have something to stitch ready by my chair in my livingroom...keeps hands busy and less likely to eat stuff when I watch tv at night.
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I did well on Bloomsday, my daughter had so much fun.  She couldn't believe how many people were there and how long the course is!  One of the funny things is to see all the trees full of peoples jackets and sweatshirt...that people get rid of once the race starts.  All clothes go to charity.  Another funny thing are when people dress up in costumes and weird getups to be noticed.

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