Friday, March 12, 2010

Its almost Easter time, for Peeps sake!

These are my new Easter tags...they are fun and a little WHIMSICAL.  I used old wallpaper for the backgrounds for the tags...I love old wallpaper.  My house is full of grandmother, who lived here years ago, was a wallpaper junky!  Some of the wallpaper is pretty and still awesome, some has been painted over.  My house looks like a cottage, with all kinds of nooks. 
My tags are on etsy and instant printables.  

**I also have a great easter set of 6 collage sheets with tags, tickets, and flashcards on my etsy...only 4.99....for a limited time. If it is sold out, it will be relisted**

See my mess!!!  Time to clean my wild mess off my main table.

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