Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Halloween Collecting

Here are some of my Halloween collectibles... I like vintage decor and I love making new items to add to my Halloween display.
I love crepe paper and party streamers!!!! They are fragile, yet beautiful.

These are some vintage Halloween party noise makers and candy container....love that face!
I watched Dark shadow reruns growing up....so much fun....I have the dark shadows board game and we love to play it...as long as no one spills a drink!

I love Halloween candles too, It reminds me of the old days....when my oldest sister would never burn her candles and I was dying to see them lit up! She had the coolest pink elephant candle, that never was lit!


  1. Very cool stuff! ☺

  2. OH I love your vintage finds..if you are looking for a good home for some of these fun things..I would love them...I live in washington..I would pay postage too..if you do would you take a photo and email me so I can see if I can use these items first? we used to watch dark shadows too..loved it..my email is ginacoop@hotmail.com
    have a wonderful day!!! Gina :)

  3. Shirley,

    Halloween is one of my most favorite time and I also have collectibles Halloween. Your collection is just fabulous. Love the Dark Shadow book and you even have the game. That is hard to come by. I purchased the book ~ Vintage Halloween Collectibles by Mark Ledenbach and it is a great identification and price guide.

    Happy Collecting,
    Cheryl ~ blog.countrynesters.com