Thursday, August 13, 2009

Halloween Witch Mannequins!

This mannequin is on ebay: sold
This mannequin is on etsy: This Mannequin has sold!
This pin keep is primitive and spooky, made to look like a vintage Witch mannequin dress form and it keeps all your pins. So cool!!!! It measures: 21" tall. I ages it well! There is an aged hat with sweet annie and cheesecloth around the brim. There is a spider pin...along with other assorted pins. Around the mannequin shoulders is a black cheesecloth shawl with witchy cameo. Her skirt is made from all kinds of trims like yarn, old paper, ribbons...and many glittery black stars. She is on a grungy tall base. She come with a broom too!
These are not the patterns, but the real made up items.
Both Mannequins have sold!

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