Monday, August 10, 2009

Seattle trip

We are back from our Wonderful trip to Seattle. We had so much fun....going to the space needle, many museums, pike place market, watching a mariners game (where we each got a bobble head free, the navy parachuting in, and winning the game), going to pioneer square, and the piers. My daughter loved swimming in the hotel pool and ordering pizza! WE loved going, but are so glad to be home, sweet home. Not to offend any Seattle folks, but there are many crazy people on the streets and it is soooo busy too...and coming back to Spokane, we felt more at ease. There were many talented street musicians, and the fish throwing is always fun. This wonderful picture is a cool calendar:

I got many cool items: like a Marie Antoinette type jeweled necklace, market spice tea, chocolate treats, art, glittery butterflies that I will hang in my studio, books, and more.

I will have more Halloween goodies posted in a few days!!!!


  1. Oh Shirley we think the seattle driving is crazy as well..that is why we don't go over really have to drive agressively to get anywhere and it is plain scary..we live across the water from seattle and love it here..I can't stand "city" driving anywhere you is crazy..glad you had a great time though..:)

  2. I am glad to know I am not the only one to think the driving is wild! Spokane can be alittle (maybe alot) fuddy duddy...the art in Seattle is so much cooler.