Friday, February 16, 2018

Illustrating a profile....

Recently I made an illustrated profile of myself.
I really hate all my pictures...they always seem not like the real me.
So I decided to give it a try and even though it is fits me better than photos.

I used adobe illustrator and selected a photo and faded it.  Then I sort of traced over the image and colored it in.

Hey my wrinkles are not
Instant face
Plus art is an interpretation anyway!
I decided to wear my favorite color and have rosy cheeks.
I added a background circle of my surface pattern design and some extra flowers.  Then at the end added my name.
I love it and started using it on my instagram and facebook.
If you want to learn illustration on the computer....I highly recommend Bonnie Christine's classes on skillshare!  She teaches so much!
You need to be computer savy however.
I have a little Irish doll in my etsy shop.
She is a finished OOAK doll.
I gave her fun fluffy green (with a little white) yarn hair and there are two wool clovers in her hair. She has big raggedy ann eyes and a sweet heart mouth. 
Her simple dress is green with leprechaun hats....and a lace trim on her dress with a lace collar and wood green and blue lace on shoulders. She has a scrunched seam binding ribbon belt. Her legs are a fun green shamrocks design. She has a wool shamrock that says "Lucky" . It has a pinback , so that you can wear the pin if you like. 
My daughter Selina is having a BIG sale in her etsy shop!
There are paddle boards for punch needle!
You get 3 for $ ....
all three pattern designs....for the tudor rose, flag and pumpkin.
There are the tiny mini hoops...all her packs come with a free design...this one has the "Life is good" design.
The earrings come with this flower easy!
There are 3 sets in one package.
She has all kinds of necklace blanks...she cuts them from wood.
Sweet bunny in the hexie!
Another bunny in the Polaroid blank.
Sitting puppy....and there are many more designs.
This is Selina....pretty in pink!
Plus these are some more of her products and she she finished items too.
And just to make you laugh.....
Have a great weekend!

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