Friday, January 19, 2018

Happy Weekend...lucky

Lucky is already enjoying his weekend...lounging on my quilt.
He enjoys everyday
This is his favorite quilt from Mary Jane farms.
When I switch it to something else he is kinda mad.
This one is super soft.
If you haven't seen my little mini video...its kinda fun...
I take a pic of my drawing....lock it in a layer on the computer then draw/trace over your drawing and make it pretty.
I was just pushing the 1st layer on and off so you could see the original and then how it will look as a finished design.
I love mixing goofing around with pencil....erase...make mistakes...but then when I retrace it really looks nice, clean and precise.
I am just starting to put some of my surface pattern designs on spoonflower....

This is my shop may have to click on the pic to make it larger.

These are some of the designs that will be available... after my test swatches come back. favorite flower!
This one has a different background and the colors are slightly different on the pansies too. 
I am going to keep adding to spoonflower this week.

My daughter has designs on spoonflower too....she has the swatches back from hers.

Here is one of her designs....woodland critters!
We are both working on some projects we can't reveal right now...wish we could cause it is so exciting to post new thing....but it will come later.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- is over
There are 3 super fast & easy to stitch up designs...make Shamrock Raggedy Ann into a pillow, a Lucky clover pocket on a heart that can hold a treat or flowers, combine the Shamrock with flowers design with wool to decorate a basket front! 
They make great gifts and fun decor. You can frame the designs too!
Sale patterns are digital u print only , not intended for classes.

Have a warm winter weekend!!
(by the fire, under a throw or quilt)


  1. A beautiful post. Loving your cat "lucky" photo. so much resembles our Baxter who unexpectedly died Tuesday. Wish I had one of him with his pretty underside showing. So soft and loveable. Give him plenty of hugs, they so take your heart.

  2. Hi Sylvia, I am sorry about your loss...cats are family! I hope you are doing ok.

  3. Love your photo of your beautiful Lucky! He is Gorgeous!!! :)