Friday, January 12, 2018

Life is a stitch embroidery freebie & more!

Life's a stitch...haha.
Sometimes I can't help but be naughty!
Copy, save and print!
This design would be fun in a little pillow for your sewing room chair.
I've been painting again....
I wanted to paint something cheerful and tired of snow and ice. This is a large 16 x 20.
I started with a canvas of old book pages, and then drawing out my ideas... loosely.  I then started to paint some base items but wipe away some paint so you can see the book pages too.
I think it is important when layering to make sure you don't over do the paint.
Here I am adding a vase for the flowers.
Little by little things are coming together....a yellow bird, more flowers and a table top.
Adding some details....
The vase needed some 
I stenciled some bricks too.
I added more details ...including a banner in the birds mouth.

I used colored pencils and pastels too....with shades of paint to give depth.
Here is a closeup of the bird part.
This was really fun and I always am really happy I took time away from other projects to do this....sometimes you need a break from all the usual stuff.
Sale is over now.

This is a Valentine cutie! The stitchery is an easy, quick, and fun project to make up for this romantic holiday. Framing it in a hoop is so fast. Design in hoop measures: 6"x 6".
This sale price will end by next friday.
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