Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas freebies

The big day is almost here...all the get togethers...all the prezzies...all the fun!
I hope everyone is enjoying and not worrying.
Sometimes we need to remember all the blessings and let the problems be solved the best way possible, but then enjoy. 
So lets count our blessings and be thankful. 
These freebies are from the past...just simple designs that are fast and easy.

Plus they make great tags!
Just copy, save and print!
*Please note that all freebies are for you to use to make finished goods (no mass producing) and gifts...they are still my designs. 
Here are a few pictures of some of my Christmas decorations....I like vintage and corny retro!
Here is mama kissing Santa Claus....I always think of Michael Jackson singing my brother would imitate him super loud and annoy my sister Angie.
Good times!
This is my very pink and derpy section! 
Complete with crazy mouse. 
At the top is a paper Rudolph my daughter made in school when she was little.
This whole shelf reminds me of growing up in the seventies. 
We didn't have many decorations back then...but we did have a Rudolph like this one. 
Super sweet angel...found at goodwill. 
See the was one of my very first purchases of a Christmas item when I was about 12....Hallmark...
boy did I love Hallmark....I wanted to design for them...still a thought in my head. 
Funny gnome and little elf.. 
Cute new Santa his legs sticking out straight. 
This elf cracks me up...I decided to make a yarn doll...I made a kitty...
I will have to share it with you!
Snowman and old ornaments in the boxes. 
My old hutch ...full of scenes. 
My Rudolph set....each figurine was 2 bucks....score! 
This Santa on top reminds me of my was hers and she loved it.
The angel was a class I took....very fun!! 
When I was a kid I was always setting up the displays....the little we had that is...
When I was 6 our house burned down....with everything in it ruined.
We had to spend our Christmas in a strange apartment and try to get through it.
These elves remind me of some of the decorations that were lost. 
Yep...the Seahawk tree is husband loves it and I swear the cats think it is the play area. 
Our stockings our hung....ready for 
I love decorating the mantle...this is my new vintage Santa xylophone. 
We have a white tree...we saw one in the movie Edward Scissorshands and fell in love with it!
We want to open these already!!!!


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  1. Thanks so much. Love your home deco. You must spend from one holiday to the next just packing and unpacking. LOL. Plus you must have a huge storage space.
    Have a very merry Christmas.

  2. Yep Diana, I am always packing and unpacking. I do have a huge storage space...a studio that used to be paint and body is right next to my house....the back room is a place to put all my containers.