Friday, December 30, 2016

LOVE freebie & extras...

Wow...the Christmas holidays are coming to an end with New Years...which is sunday!
I am ready for the New Year and of course to Valentine everything!
I am just so crazy about holidays.
This "Love" flowers in a vase would be sweet stitched and framed. 
Copy, save and print.
*Please note that all freebies are for you to use to make finished goods (no mass producing) and gifts...they are still my designs. 
I have already been drawing Valentines and watercoloring them.
It's fun to just doodle and go over with a sharpie....then splash on some watercolor.
It is very relaxing actually!
Just like coloring...this is a new coloring book I got for Christmas ...along with new crayons...
I couldn't wait to test it out!
Let me tell ya...
Get to Target soon!!!
There dollar Christmas items are 70% off..
So the trees and snowman were 30 cents a pack!
They are big and so darned cute!
These large wooden wreath shapes were 90 cents.
I am going to cover/wrap one in red yarn and make a Valentine can't beat the price.
Plus now they have all these cool Valentines...some 1 dollar and some are 3 dollars each.
My daughter and I were in heaven.
This is a large wood circle sign much cuter in person
I love clothespins and clips.
How cute are these?!!!
Pink candy dish and a pink mercury candle holder....
These would be soooo much more in a specialty store!
Love it...
I actually needed a new wine topper...
I am the only one who drinks wine sometimes...and I need this to save it.
There are banners made from canvas and tassels...
And glittery hearts.
Wooden heart garlands
cute buttons
These are all so sweet.
Let's just say...we wanted it all....we controlled ourselves

I have some New YEars items in my etsy shop...all an instant download.
I am going to make myself a new party hat with the pattern the middle.
I am going to a party and you have to have some kind of party decor on this will be ideal.
I will surely embellish it to the hilt!
Here is to a Happy New Year!!!

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