Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Washington State Quilt show 2016!

Last weekend was the WSQ quilt show....and it was a blast....I really met a lot of great people and enjoyed talking to everyone!
Like my new sign?
This year I had to fit most of my designs in with my daughter Selina's products too!
She looked very business like...and learned so much about selling.
Her demonstrations of her hoops were on the top of her pallet desk.
She sold her finished pendants...
Plus her 3 packs of her products.  
Lots of rings and earrings.
She sold alot of Halloween items.
More finished pendants on old lamp shades.
She made kits of her 3 pack mini hoops with a necklace, fabric, pattern and instructions.
Some of her packs sold out...she will have to get busy restocking.
I love her Washington state pendants.
Jack Skeleton ... a favorite this weekend.
She got lots of cool ideas from customers...and we appreciate them!
I love her variety.
This is her hexies and my pattern design for her hexies...we work as a team.
Many people just couldn't get over that she made these wood pendant blanks and is so young to have a business.
We used ladders and plywood for this display.
It was fun having this as a different option.
I tried to group like items, but I was more successful grouping
I always use my 20 dollar old quilt as a table cover.
It still amazes me how my oldest patterns sell well the 12 month wool circles.
Every time of the year was selling. 
Embroidery is still hot!
We had fat quarters and I used my child's play cabinet to store them in.
Skinny pumpkin had a pocket kitty cat!
My favorite displays are the Halloween ones.
It is so cheerful!
Someone called my pumpkin in the background....fat cracked me up!
Needle felting...this small pumpkin was a hit.
I purchased a wire black tree this summer...perfect for hanging Halloween in.
Monster mash and midnight embroidery.
It was very hard to set up this display...always is...because I love to fit in as much as possible.
Raggedy always comes to the show....she is a real sweetie.
Patriotic bunnies and kitties.
These snowman hung around ... being cute!
My mannequins come in 3 sizes...a great seller.
My new Christmas designs....
I am still in Fall mode.
My booth from the inside looking out.
I love to frame embroidery in hoops.
This little pumpkin sold...he was waiting for a special home.
Most everything is my booth is samples for patterns so they aren't for sale.

It was a very good show... every year I think it can't get any better...'
but is does!!
The quilts in the show were remarkable...such talent!
The vendors were great...more and more every year!
It is a perfect time to shop...all these cool stores in one place!
Hope to see you next year!


  1. Your booth looks great. I wish you would have had a booth at the PIQF this past weekend. I know my $$ would have been spent. I love reading your blog, just really bad about commenting.

  2. My Visa is happy that I wasn't there. As for myself however I would have wanted 1 of everything! You and your daughter are so talented. Great pictures.

  3. What a beautiful setup. I sure wish we had a place with supplies like that! Thank you for sharing with us at the #HomeMattersParty