Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spooky Spokane Greetings

Here I am in Spooky Spokane, my hometown!
This is a tag I made a few years back.  I wanted to share some pictures of my Halloween decor this year.  I hope you get inspired to be spooky!

Here is a fab witch with a vintage noisemaker and other assorted decorations...I have way too much!

I love my old candles and vintage Halloween stunt game....part of it is still unused.

I've had this witch for ever...she is so cool and hope whoever made this knows how much I love it.

I made this Linus stitchery....using a coloring book for the stitching lines....I know I am naughty.  I then painted it with acrylic paints.
Here is a quilt I made with a vintage black cat die cut.

This is my piano top....full of scary guys!

I love the skulls.  It reminds me of one of my favorite cheesy old movies..."The Skull" with Peter Cushing.....good times!

This display is right by where I sit in the living room....I love to look at it.  Fun, Fun, Fun!

I made this goofy pumpkin man and needlefelted witch...I can't part with them.

This is what we had when growing up as decorations....a big skeleton.....he was on our front door.
Creepy Dracula!  Weird witch!  This is as gory as I get.

Vintage poster, rattles, and party hats!

This is my fireplace mantle....makes me happy just looking at it!

I made tons of these ghost back in the day....kept one for myself.

Pier one impost cat ornaments!
I made this cat lantern....I forgot to turn it on.

I bought this witch from a Gooseberry catalog years ago when I had my first really good paying job....had to treat myself.

Pumpkin lantern...glows in the window.

This lil witch is so sweet, I made her years ago too...wish I knew where I put the pattern.

This is Trix (Trick or treat).....she is wondering what I am doing.....she never likes posing for the camera, so this shot was lucky.

Kitchen  wall .....I always have my cherry wallhanging up!  I made the lunch pail from an old pail....just adding ephemera.  On the cat is a Halloween candy cane...he he he. 
I hope you liked seeing some of my collection.  Gotta greet my daughter.....she just came home from school!

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  1. I really like the witch with the long nose in the second photo, she's fun. Some of your paper decorations bring back memories. =]