Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween school party freebie

Thank God it's Friday!
Here is the freebie for this old Halloween school party photo!
I got this at an antique store....had to pay top dollar for this....but what the heck!
Wouldn't this be cute with a fun saying below
Strange things will happen, strange things be seen, if you'll watch out on Halloween!
Click on this picture and then right click to save picture.

Here is a close up of my favorite person in the photo.  I am wondering if this is a girl or boy....just saying!
Everyone is the picture looks awesome...there is no date. 
If you want to see a great ghostly "Woman in black" is my new favorite starring the Harry Potter guy(he is all grown up).  I love movies set back in time...with creepy houses and ghosts.  I also love Peter Cushing movies and Vincent Price movies....ya can't beat them in my opinion. 
Come to the party at Whipperberry friday flair

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