Wednesday, February 9, 2011


You may not know this about me.  I love to solder pendants!  I love giving new live to old bits of paper.

I have sold a hundred Lizzy Borden pendants....mainly to people in Fall River Mass.....where she lived.  I like the back to say funny things like "Wack job" or "she would get even" 

This is my cat Fiona....who disappeared one day....she was a sweet kitty. 

I also love retro dots...and circle pendants! 
Hippity bunnies!

Santa is so cool!

I love creating with cats!!!!

I also love doing bracelets....especially if it is patriotic!  I love making these....small pieces of is so wonderful to know your pendant is being worn and loved....and could last generations.
Get creative today....carve out some time for your art or your crafts...have fun! 

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  1. Love the heart and the retro circles and Santa=)! Fun to find something else about you creative girl!!