Friday, June 11, 2010

More pictures from Farm Chicks

These are some rings I made...some are soldered.  I made the ring holder with a small cardborad box lid, stuffing and pink velvet.....glue guns are awesome!
These are my cards with matching colored keeps your ribbons together and neat.
I had my soldered necklaces, my mannequins, flash cards, bookmarks, altered art, and other goodies....almost overwhelming.
I got alot of great felt fab!
This is a pink mailbox....perfect for those nasty bills to go inside and hide!
If you didn't get to go to the Farm Chicks ...try to next year....first weekend of June.  It was full of extraordinary goodies, great deals, inspiring ideas, and lots of goodwill.  It was super could barely move (not kidding)....people lined up to get in your booth and then lined up to buy.  I don't know how that could be helped....the crowds.  It was an awesome show!

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