Monday, June 7, 2010

Farm Chick's show 2010

Here is my was pretty pink...maybe next year I will tone it down alittle.  Here is my sign and old quilt....that I got a few years ago for 20 bucks.
This is my paper scrap eiffel tower .

I made lots of banners
This is one of those old shadow boxes....perfect for tags, lil cupcake ballerina's, buttons, flower pins, my mouse pin cushion, and flashcards.

I made a Marie antoinette tray and several boxes.
I love badges!
I got this mannequin only a few days ago at a thrift store....she is sooooooooo cool.  Her name is Flo.  My kitty,Froy, gets freaked out everytime he sees her.

Enjoy bird has a nice home now!
The are always different than the real deal.
Paris anyone?  Many people thought for sure I have gone day I will.
The show was soooooo was crazy.  Everyone's booths were so pretty and had such great stuff. I met Jo Packham from"Where women create" books and mags.  She is sweet.  I met so many wonderful customers who said such nice things....I thank you all!  I bought a table, holidays book, stamps, farm chicks poster, peanut brittles, and yellow fluffy skirt for my daughter.


  1. OH WOW!!! You had lots of cute creations!!! Very pretty booth!!!!! hugs

  2. I signed up with email too!!!! hugs