Friday, June 18, 2010

My studio- Hudson's Holidays

Welcome to my studio!  I am shirley Hudson- pattern designer and artist.
My studio is my entire basement...3 large rooms.  I have stations for all crafting.
This is Lucky my cat on my old ironing board...he is always lounging around!  Click on any picture to see detail better!
This is where I work with papers, tags, painting, and drawing.  I love creating here!

These items are all over my desk, because I am always grabbing for them....pens, markers, and my fav...glitter.
I had fun with this 12 dollar much fun to tuck things in.
My thrift store was a lucky find! I like to deck her out with my soldered necklaces, pins, purse, skirt, and apron.
This is my sewing room, which has a big cutting table and sewing area, shelves, and plenty of light.
It is fabulous having all this space.
I have my favorite new fabrics on this rack with some of my designs and favorite things.
I have curtains that cover up my piles of fabric...I don't fold everything I don't want to see
This is my new little metal cabinet I got at the thrift store....I put felt on the doors so I could pin my pins to it.
Cute doll and my raggedy be mine pillow.
I love to reuse items....this is a coffee can with old music mod podged on it.  Just add badge and it is a great colored pencil holder.
This is a patriotic cat stitchery design I am finishing up...she need borders.
This is my favorite quote!
Lots of little things near my sewing machine.
I have been collecting so much paper...I am always messing about with it.
This is the boring mail center....oh well, not everything can be my favorite.
This is my sewing machine area.  I love to sew here.
This bunny I made looks funny with a chenille nose.
Here is another area where I work at all the time, the old computer area.
My daughter has a desk of her own to create with me...we are like two peas in a pod!
This is "boo"  my pumpkin man doll...he sits on the computer and makes me smile. 
I placed a metal letter file on end to create an area for my stamps and extra glitter.
To let you know more about are some things about me. I am married to a wonderful guy who is my best cheerleader. My daughter is a delight and I love her soooo much. I have been designing for 12 years now...with 143 patterns (quilts, stitcheries, all holiday decor, wool projects...more) and 80 collage sheets. I have been in 50 magazines sharing my designs. I love blogging and I created my own website and love all the places I sell my items. I love to craft altered art with old pictures, solder jewelry, sew, draw, paint, create tags, and the glue gun is the best crafting tool ever. I quilt too, my set up is in my shop outside because I am not moving it...too hard! I love my life, it is like playing everyday.


  1. Wow!!! What a great creative place you have!!! Love the new cat stitchery you are working on!!! THANKS for all the pics...hugs

  2. Hi Shirley, do you know HOW LUCKY you are to have a space like that..I would give my remaining teeth (just kidding, I have all my teeth) to have space like that..I think your basement is bigger than my entire house..One can dream..I have purchased a few of your tags in the last few months, I love them..thank for sharing!

  3. What a great creative space! Love all the pink. So, enjoyed my visit with you. Enjoy the rest of the party.

  4. So much space! I cannot imagine how much fun that would be to be able to spread out. Lucky you!


  5. What a fabulous space! Love your $12.00 cabinet! It's great!
    Queen Bee Studio

  6. Love your very creative space! Such fun, sweet, vintage touches sprinkled here and there!
    Best wishes,

  7. It's like a crafting party in there. How fun. I love Raggedy Ann's so it was fun to see her likeness around your studio. You have been in so many publications. That is quite a career. Thanks for sharing your studio with us!

  8. Your studio is absolutely amazing! I love every inch of it! How sweet that your daughter has her own space in your studio. It was so much fun seeing all the treasure you have!

  9. What a fun space you have created; lovely to have such a large space to work in. That mannequin was an awesome score!

  10. Now that's a creative play space! Wow.

  11. Shirley, you are sooo lucky to have such a large space to work in! I can just see you and your daughter working away for hours! It looks wonderful to me. Thank you so much for joinig th eparty and sharing this amazing room with us!
    My Desert Cottage

  12. I love your space. I also have a basement area. I am interested in what you have done to create good light, which is my biggest problem. I love your funny and pumpkin guy...and your darling is that! And I love your daughter down crafting with you.

    My daughter and I have had a blog for three months and have been doing jewelry together for fifteen years. Come and stop by, if you would like. We also love to work with lot of other things, among them, vintage paper craft (me), vintage fashion (her) and both of us love estate sales and life.

    Thanks for the nice peek!


  13. Wow....the whole basement with 3 different crafting stations...what a great functional inpiring space!

  14. what a fun space! thanks for sharing it.

  15. Three large rooms must be wonderful. I really love your cutting space and your sewing area. I envy you all that fabric I just know is hiding behind those curtains. That mannequin put a smile on my face and I bet it's a real gem. I bet it does yours and your daughter's too. Thanks so much for sharing this fun and well lit space.

  16. Wow...fantastic space. I love the curtain idea to cover the fabric storage area. Very smart.

  17. What a Bright & Happy Studio ~ Perfect Creations from a Perfect Place.....

  18. OMG, I only I had all of that room. I moved from Minnesota to Orlando 20 years ago and I am still looking for the basement! Something about the water table. I just have to say space transfers into creativity! Ok if you wna to see what it is like to try to run a business and be creative in a 10 X 12 room come on over for a visit!

  19. You have a wonderful space. So much room and so many great things to create with. I like how you have different areas.

  20. Oh my gosh! A whole basement to your creating! It must be wonderful. What a great space and I love how you got everything in its own section. I am so jealous! : )

  21. What an awesome space to create in! I can't imagine having all that room and so many fun collections and supplies to play with. Thank you for sharing.

  22. Wow! I just love your space--it's HUGE! And colorful and fun and just screams: Create! Dream! Become Inspired! I love it! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful, happy space.

  23. Wow, you have a really large space with lots of eye candy. Your sewing stations are wonderful. Thank you so much for the tour. Connie

  24. You have three rooms?? Be still my beating heart (and get thee behind me green eyed monster)! You have a great space. Thank you for inviting us to visit.

  25. Wow, three whole rooms just for you, Lucky gal : ) Thats a great space for you to work in.
    And you were lucky in deed with the thirfts shop find (dress form)... I hope I hit same jack pot one of these days. And I like how you use old things to make new things (coffee cans), I done a few of those too and they are great to work on.