Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Auld Land Syne- old long since

This is a scan you can use from an extremely old source...use it for your own personal use....click on it to get the larger size and save a copy for yourself. I think it would be a lovely background for some New Years artist trading cards! I love Scottish things....cause my dad comes from Scotland. Auld Lang Syne means old long since. Here in Spokane Washington it is a whopping 18 degrees as a high. I went outside briefly and then got my tail right back inside....I am glad I am an artist instead of a mailman(I was once) today. Stay warm today and have a cup of cocoa...I had mine with lots of marshmellows.


  1. thank you for the scan super cool and in time for hogmanay oh and you must put a wee dram in your cocoa.. marshmallows mmmm sounds sweet to me

  2. Hey Jan, You speak Scottish!!! I would put a wee dram in my cocoa if I had some....only vodka here in the house. Thanks for the fun comment.