Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

It is our 13th Wedding anniversary today!!! We have had tons of good times and a beautiful daughter who is 12. My husband is a great cook and has always provided for us....making it possible for me to be an artist. He burped and changed diapers..... he cleans the kitchen too. My husband has never ever yelled at me, called me any name, or treated me unkind....not one time! He rarely has a drink. He is very sweet and treats me like a queen. He does sooooo much for us and asks for so little. He is truly one of a kind. He loves to watch the zags and Seattle Seahawks... and I watch with him. He always helps with quilt and craft show...his favorite part is running the cash register! We watch shows as a family and do most everything togther. IT is a wonderful life! Thanks to Dana!


  1. happy anniversary..your hubby sounds like one of a kind..wish mine liked doing the gift shows with me...he's a baahhhuummbbug when it comes to helping...he is getting better though..enjoy your day..:)