Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Quilt show pictures

The Quilt show was last weekend, had fun. I love to shopwhile I am there. Click on the pictures for a closer look!

I get alittle frustrated setting up, even though I've done it many times.
It is always amazing to me how many people want Halloween projects during a spring show....I love Halloween so much, but I thought I was in a minority....I don't think so anymore. I ran out of many patterns at the show and had to take orders. Afterward, We went shopping at some cool antique shops... I got some lovely paper items and of course ...old books.


  1. Oh I am loving your booth..I have a couple of your patterns and now want to get going on them...your booth looks so good...I would have loved shopping at your booth..I will take it all..nicely done..I hope it was a good one for you as well..take care and have a great weekend..:)

  2. Thanks so much for your kind comments!!! When I was at the show...I wanted to buy everything. It was hard to contain myself.