Saturday, January 1, 2022

Welcome 2022!'s 2022!
Can you believe it?
I am ready for a new year...and ready for some happier times.
I have been vaccinated and boosted....but the anniversary of my brother's death is upon me and it saddens me greatly. I also lost a long time friend this past year too...I am sure you have dealt with so much too.  
I am hoping this new year will be brighter.
Let's get to some fun things...
I made these calendars using my own artwork.

This one is perfect for your desktop.  Click here for this one.

January mug rug
Wow...I have done a year of mugrugs..... I started last February. Go back through the year to see them all!
I chose some sweet snow bunnies with blues and reds.

Make them is any color takes only scraps.
Below is the diagram. 

I have some new art ornaments for Valentine's day in my etsy shop!
These are just some of the many that are listed.

They are wood with prints of my artwork, with a gold hanger and ribbon.

Signed the dated!
Recently crafted...
I made some snowmen items this winter....this cute doll ( he sold within minutes of listing)... he was a cutie!  My idea of Frosty the snowman.

I painted these on very large canvases. This original is in the vendor mall in Spokane. 

Snowball fight!

I of course love making ornaments.

Just a reminder...
It's a great way to decorate in the bleak mid winter.

Soon I will be listings these!

Fun ornaments....I love playing around with these!

Well I broke my tooth....soon I will get it fixed by my dentist... so I am going to cut my newsletter a bit short this time.

More next time!

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