Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ya wanna laugh your head off?

That's right.....just watch "The big bang theory"  which is on a million different channels at lots of different times....it is soooooo darned funny!  Whenever I need to just laugh and forget about all the things I need to get done....I just laugh it up.....mainly because of Sheldon!
If you have never watched and thought it was just about some nerds....I suggest giving it a try....You'll love it!


  1. I love that show! I reminds me of the physics guys I hung out with in grad school ... these characters are toooo true!

  2. It's our family's favorite show. My 'tween can watch it and we enjoy the laughter together!

  3. Ok we found this show about 6 months ago and can't get enough of it. Its so bad that my GD who is 2, will wait till the end of the intro song and then goes Bang, or walking around the house knocking on things saying Penny Penny Penny. Its so dang funny we laugh all day. I didn't realize till a couple weeks ago that Penny is off of 8 Simple Rules, I already knew the other two were from Rosanne. But you made me smile thinking I get to go home and watch an hour of Big Bang before everyone gets home tonight!
    Vicki R