Friday, June 15, 2012

Play - Freebie Friday stitchery design pattern
Yeah!!! It is FRIDAY!!! I've had alot going on this week...a visit from one of my sisters (we watched Blue of our teen fav movies), visited my brother's new business adventures, and now its time to redo our bathroom.  **Just as a weird sidenote...I am alittle younger than Brooke Shields, but back in the 80's she had sewing patterns...which I loved and I was always sewing a new outfit of hers up.  I recently went through an old box of mementos and inside were all the small pamphlets with her newest(back then) patterns on was like stepping into a time machine...I loved it!

This is the Sixth week of an 8 week all Summer long freebie friday event!!!! The theme is Inspiration!!!

Each Friday I will give you a the "Play" design and by the end of 8 weeks you will have some beautiful Embroidery bowl fillers, pillow tucks, or ornaments. You could also use the designs to make other items like wearable pins or small pin cushions.

Take a scrap piece of muslin and trace the PLAY design onto it. I like using a disappearing marker....that disappears when water is applied to it. On my left sidebar is a tip on how to make a lightbox to trace embroidery designs.

Also trace the square around design. Back-stitch your word on muslin in any color you choose. Trim muslin design down....1/4" away from outside square. Remove disappearing marker and let dry. Make into a mini pillow...with a backing and stuff it. One bowl filler is done. These also make great pillow tucks on a shelf. Tell your friends about the all summer long freebie friday!!! The previous weeks were: Dream, Life is good, , relax, Do your best, and Choose joy. Look at the FREEBIES on the right sidebar for them.

These lil pillows are very fast to whip lets get started...I will post mine would be GREAT to see yours too!!!!

Come to the party at....Whipperberry Friday'll be amazed by all the projects!

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