Sunday, January 1, 2023

Happy New Year...2023!

 Happy New Year!
I love when we have a new year....time to reflect, gain some wisdom from the past and have new goals!

Do you have health resolutions?  New business goals?
Time to organize? Plans for a vacation? Personal Goals?
Now is a fabulous time to brainstorm what you want from this next year, and set some goals.
Split the goals up into smaller goals if you need to.  
The only way to change is to work on these smaller goals each day.
You can do it!

My goals are:
I am working on my diabetes( my A1C is 5.8) and weight (overall health)....I have art goals and I am organizing all my hoard of things (plus getting rid of excess).

I love making new calendars.
I created this artwork on my iPad using procreate. It looks like a painting with paint right?

Made 2 sets of snowman ornaments... all with a snowflake/rainbow scarf theme.
They all sold.

I used my vintage pipecleaners for arms.
The scarfs were dyed silk cut into strips.
These are started from my dolls in my charming dolls book.
At a family Christmas party ...we made crayon shavings ornaments

We took a glass ball, shaved crayons into pieces, put them inside the ball and heated it with a blowdryer. We made sure to hold it with some craft pliers. When the crayon melts you swirl the ball around to coat it.

They turned out really pretty!
Another party I went to was the doll club party in Spokane....hosted by Elise.
She had so many gorgeous trees!

Beautiful handmade ornaments...

I love the Victorian flair.
I posted alot more pics on Instagram.... check out my Instagram and follow me if you like...there is alot more content there.

I loved this Santa mouse...he was amazing!


My husband & I had our 26th wedding Anniversary....
I made this little sign on procreate (my favorite tool).

We have been very happy... I feel very blessed.

Plus, he got me a lovely necklace.

I made a Gonzaga rug for my hubby...our local team

I had to shave it alot....but it was fun!

I have been creating lots of art thru procreate....these are a few ..
a Blue candy land piece...class form Mindy Lacefield.

I love gingerbread men.  I'm going to be offering prints of my work soon.

Davy has been very naughty...getting felt from my studio....beating it up and playing with it.

He is such a cutie!

This is a sneak peak... of some valentine projects coming soon.
These were some of my favorite projects thru the year.

We had a great Christmas!
I hope your new year will be awesome!

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